Thursday, September 27

Further thoughts

i don't know how any other recent PhD's feel, but having other people read my dissertation REALLY wracks my nerves.  It's not that it isn't good - it is VERY good, if i may say so myself - but as i go through it, i realize that i could have expressed myself better in places. 


anyhoo, my co-instructor really likes it, and has offered to mentor me through the process of turning it into a book.  how hot is that?

in other news, i have decided to take the stealth approach with regards to approaching major Black organizations about their use of technology to communicate.  more on this later....

Sunday, September 23

Research Scrapbook

i needed to find a place to backup my research idears and processes...then i realized that i already had a place where i used to do that.

So i'm back.

Current research idears:

  • Black blogs and environmental justice - is anyone out there?
  • revising the dissertation for publication
  • anybody studied or
  • looking for a Black organization using technology in significant ways to keep its employees/membership together

Current research processes:
  • a comprehensive list of black and black-oriented blogs
  •  - this is going to be problematic for a number of reasons...need to revisit
  • updated webliography for online identity research
  • continue developing a framework for examining online cultural content
Dunno if anyone still reads this joint (no-one's posted in over a year), but anyone with advice on being new, Black, tenure-track faculty at a research one university holla atcha boy.

More content later...