Monday, May 24

so this is why i'm a professor in training

because it's 75 degrees and sunny while i surf the web at panera, suckas!

granted, i'm a barely-functional member of an exploited underclass (read: PhD student), but i CHOSE this life. it went a little like this:

after f*ckin around tryin to be grown, i finished my undergraduate degree Magna Cum Laude/Phi Beta Kappa in 2001. my choices were: go work my liberal arts degree into a better job (admin assistant is a job best suited for the organized/anal retentive) or listen to my boosterized advisor and apply to PhD programs in Rhetoric and Composition.

so i sent off applications for both options (remember interviewing on campus? - it still sucks BTW) and lo-and-behold, i was accepted to every program i applied to. not only accepted: 1 school offered me a full ride for the PhD even though i hadn't exactly completed the application(!). at around the same time, Salomon Smith Barney offered me a position as an operations analyst (which paid less than my admin assistant job - go figure). i weighed my options, asked god for advice/help/a frickin sign, and decided on grad school.

end of story.

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