Sunday, June 27

Late, late, late nights

so...i wuz drinking Sparks (which i'm nominating for "Caffeine Replacement of the Millennium") while writing a paper last night. it's now 7 AM and i CAN'T GO TO SLEEP. so i started updating our Links section, which might explain why i found myself on Debra Dickerson's weblog. I cain't stand her Booker T.-esque views on race (see her book) - but that's a discussion for another day containing actual sleep time.

Anyhoo, ms. dickerson did post something worth watching. You can check it out here.

For the faint of heart (read "afraid of viruses/spam/pr0n"), imagine that the Bush-Cheney campaign let YOU make up the slogan for their bumper sticker...NOW go check it out.

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