Friday, November 5

Republicans and Political correctness

Generalization: I get the impression that Republicans have beef with the notion of political correctness. Many find it oppressive to free speech. That being said, here is an example of how the current administration proves that resistance to political correctness is in bad faith:
How you gonna have a Department of Homeland Security and a Department of Defense at the same time? Don't they mean the same thing? Now I know for the most part what the different missions of each department are, but then isn't defense a misnomer? Why not call it the department of war, just as it used to be called? Simple answer: "Defense" is more rhetorically pleasing to the listener than "war." This is a perfect example of "political correctness." The problem with this particular form of political correctness is that "defense" is an euphemism for "war" and so it is a way to use rhetoric to mislead or lie about what is the true purpose of the department of defense.

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